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Even though we can record very low unemployment in Germany, there are many people who have to make do with very little money. Although they go to a regular job, but have to settle for a low salary there. The reasons can be different.

On the one hand, it may be because the job comes from the low-wage sector and therefore sometimes only the minimum wage is paid. However, it may also be due to the fact that the number of hours is very low and therefore in total no high salary can be achieved.

If you are looking for a low-salary loan from such a position, you may have to put up with some cuts. Because the range of loans in this sector is not very big. In addition, not all offers have an honest character.

Why is a fair loan so hard to find despite its low salary?

The salary is the basis for borrowing. Only if this is available in an attractive amount, the loan can also be repaid to the bank or the other donors. A problem when the salary is very low and therefore does not meet the expectations.

Due to the low salary, there are only a few collateral. The default risk around the loan is very high. A fact that is also known to the lenders and therefore usually show little interest in lending. Despite all this, a loan is not impossible despite its low salary. You just have to know where it is and what conditions go with it.

The dealer credit as a payday loan despite low salary

The dealer credit as a loan despite low salary

Many dealers in our country give out loans. They want to strengthen the purchasing power of customers and ensure that they buy one of their shops. The dealer credit, which is often referred to as consumer credit, is a special purpose loan. It can only be used for the things that it wants to finance.

This feature makes it possible for the lenders to even turn a blind eye to the salary. Because the dealer credit can also be taken as a loan despite low salary.

The traders get their collateral from other sources. So of course the private credit must be positive. In addition, the financed goods are recognized as collateral so that they are simply demanded back in the event of a default. A possibility that hardly exists with a conventional loan.

What other options are there?

But the loan, in spite of low salary, can be taken up differently. So much can be done with the help of a guarantor or a second borrower. However, it is important that the guarantor or second borrower can show a decent salary. It should be well above the salary of the actual borrower who is in charge of borrowing.

If this succeeds in involving such a person in borrowing, then small loans, even with a low salary, are quite possible. However, larger loan amounts should not be requested in this way. They are unlikely to be forgiven under such circumstances. And if offers of this kind can be found, then these are associated with bad conditions.

Our tip: A residual debt insurance increases the chances of a loan despite low salary. Before closing, however, some bids should be obtained by means of a settlement, as such hedging can be quite expensive. In addition, it is only worthwhile if the employment is fixed at the time of the conclusion of the loan. Otherwise, the insurance would not pay in the event of a claim.

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Payday Loans: Personal Loans, Youth, Mini and Light Loans Mon, 25 Feb 2019 07:24:39 +0000

On this page you will find all the useful information regarding the Wipy Bank 2019 loans. All the personal loan options offered by the company, with the required requirements and the characteristics of the economic treatment offered. Among the best solutions we will analyze in particular the funding for young people as well as the Wipy Bank Mini and Leggero loan.

Payday Loans: the best personal loan offers tailored to you

Payday Loans: the best personal loan offers tailored to you

If you are looking for a personal loan, among the best banks to which you can apply is Wipy Bank. In this page we will analyze the best financing offers available for this 2019, which can be accessed by contacting this company. One of the characteristics for which many customers choose Wipy Bank to receive the desired financing is that the personal loan offers are designed to meet the needs of a very large clientele. Anyone finds the ideal financing by contacting Wipy Bank. Alongside the classic personal loan, which we will analyze in detail in the following paragraphs, there are products specifically designed for certain categories of customers.

One of the categories that may have problems receiving funding is that of young people. From Wipy Bank, the subsidized loan for young people was born with the aim of offering children the opportunity to realize their projects at advantageous conditions. Among the Wipy Bank loans tailored to you is then the Home Value Loan. What is it? This form of financing is aimed in particular at those who own a home. It is therefore the ideal situation for all those who are interested in renovating their home or for a possible energy redevelopment. In addition, the Home Value Loan can be very useful even if you want to make your home more ecological and sustainable, for example by installing photovoltaic systems or by installing other systems for the production of alternative energy. By submitting all the documentation that certifies ownership of the house no further guarantees will be necessary: ​​with the Wipy Bank Valore Casa Loan you will have access to an amount that reaches up to 75,000.

Among the categories of customers to whom the loan offers are addressed there is also that of people with disabilities. In this case Wipy Bank offers a loan specifically designed for needs such as special care and equipment necessary for both study and work as well as leisure and hobby. The funding offer is called Barrier-Free Loan, since it is aimed at breaking down all the barriers that prevent a person with disabilities, and is complementary to everything that is already covered by the National Health Service. In any case, thanks to the Wipy Bank 2019 loan offer, customers with disabilities can access a loan of up to € 25,000.

The Wipy Bank financing offers for this 2019 do not end here, given that among the products advertised on the site we find the GRANDE Loan. This form of financing allows those who choose to access an amount ranging from € 500 to € 5,000. This is a loan aimed especially at parents who want to face expenses for their children such as school fees but also the purchase of a computer or a new bedroom. To conclude the list of Wipy Bank personal loan options there is the Cession of the Fifth. This financing option is undoubtedly one of the most requested and is aimed at all employees and pensioners. The advantages of the sale of the Fifth Wipy Bank are above all in the possibility of repayment in convenient installments that do not exceed one fifth of the salary or net pension received. Moreover, from the point of view of the requirements, guarantees are not necessary, and even those who have been reported as bad payers can make the request for funding. Finally, the installments are deducted directly from the salary or pension, so the customer will not have to worry about any expiration date.

Loans for Youth 2019: characteristics and access requirements

As we have already said, the youngest category is one of those to which the Wipy Bank loan offers are addressed. In particular, there are two products reserved for boys and girls who need funding. Let’s analyze the characteristics and access requirements to find out why they can be extremely interesting products. The first funding option offered by Wipy Bank to the youngest is aimed particularly at students. To them is the Books and PC Zero Loans, which, as pointed out on the Wipy Bank website, offers the opportunity to study serene, with no expenses. This funding option is open to all students, both for primary and secondary schools and for the university. In the event that the student is a minor, the loan will be made payable to a parent, but will retain all the benefits reserved for the youngest. The amount that can be requested through this particular personal loan is not particularly high, since it ranges from a minimum of 300 euros up to a maximum of 1,500 euros, however it is a sum of perfect money to face the expenses for studies.

Among the expenses that can be faced through the Wipy Bank Books and PC Zero Presidency, there are, besides the expenses for books and PCs, also educational software, dictionaries and electronic encyclopedias, tablets and everything that may be necessary for a student. The strength of this product is certainly the convenience : the duration of the loan is annual, and is expected a 0% Tan and a 0.52% Taeg, extremely low. If you are young but no longer a student then the Wipy Bank personal loan that is right for you is the Youth Loan. To access this form of financing you must be aged between 18 and 35 years. The difference with the product we have just talked about is in the finality of the financing, namely the expenses that can be faced with the sum of money that we will borrow. In this second case we have in fact greater freedom, since it is a classic personal loan with an advantage aimed at young people.

The amount that can be requested with the Youth Loan ranges from a minimum of 500 euros up to a maximum of 15,000 euros. It is therefore a perfect form of financing for a young person interested in starting a work project, for which an initial investment is required. Among the purposes of the loan there are then, for example, the purchase of a new or used car or motorcycle, the purchase of a smartphone, a PC, a television or anything else. For the Wipy Bank personal loan aimed at young people, a duration of up to 10 years is envisaged, to offer the beneficiaries of the loan the possibility of fixing light installments to be repaid in complete serenity. Finally, with regard to interest rates, a 5.99% Tan and a 8.39% Taeg are expected.

Mini Personal Loan: amount that can be requested and withdrawal times

One of the most requested forms of financing is the small loan. In fact, nowadays you can buy anything by choosing to pay in installments. For example, when we go to buy a new phone we are offered financing, the same if we buy a TV, but also furniture and so on. If you are looking for a loan of not particularly high amount, then the solution that can do for you is the Wipy Bank Mini Personal Loan. This financing option offers customers of the company the opportunity to access a sum of money ranging from € 1,000 to € 3,000. As for the duration, this ranges from a minimum of 12 months to a maximum of 36 months, while the interest rate is fixed with Tan 9.90% and Taeg between 11.63% and 14.71%. There are no restrictions on the use of the amount that we will receive: the Wipy Bank Mini Loan is in fact a non-finalized loan, perfect for any type of requirement.

There are several advantages of this particular type of financing. First of all, since this is a personal loan of a very small amount, it can be requested by a very large clientele. If in any case the employees and pensioners do not find particular problems in receiving the desired funding, the same can not be said for example for self-employed workers. The latter in fact have the possibility to access the Wipy Bank loans through the presentation of the tax return. Based on this document, the company’s experts will estimate the maximum payment that can be dealt with by the customer, and consequently also the amount that can be requested based on the duration chosen. It is clear that in the case of a mini loan even those who do not have particularly high earnings will be able to access the financing without too many problems.

Another advantage of the Wipy Bank Mini Loan is delivery times. When the amount of money to be paid is low, the bank will proceed with payment to the client’s current account almost immediately, usually within 48 hours. So choosing this solution you will immediately have the money you need to make your purchases. Finally, as pointed out on the Wipy Bank website, with the mini loan there are no preliminary investigation fees or stamps. Let’s see an example of an estimate to analyze the characteristics of the economic treatment offered. Consider a loan request of 3,000 euros, with a 2-year repayment plan. In this case the monthly repayment installment will be equal to 138.30 euros, therefore rather light. The interest rate applied is a 11.64% Taeg, while the total financing costs will be 384.25 euros. In general, therefore, the conditions of the financing are very good and for this reason we would like to recommend this product.

Light loan: how the light installment works, why choose it

In case you are interested in receiving a loan of a higher amount, then the financing offer that is right for you is the Wipy Bank Leggero Loan. In this case we are talking about a classic personal loan: the amount that can be requested ranges from a minimum of 3,000 euros up to a maximum of 30,000 euros. So this product is recommended for many different needs, which may include the purchase of a car or any other type of new or used vehicle, but also the renovation of the house, the organization of family ceremonies, medical care and not only.

If you need a fairly high amount, then this solution can be perfect for you for several reasons. First of all, from the point of view of duration Wipy Bank is among the lenders that offer the greatest duration ever. When requesting a personal loan, it is possible to choose a rebate in 10 years. This means that even if you receive a substantial sum of money, we can set up repayment installments that are not too heavy. Among the advantages of the Wipy Bank Loan is then the one that determines its name. In fact, this product owes its name to the service for which the customer has the possibility to have lighter repayment installments in the first 12 months. In this way you can receive the money you need by starting to pay light installments, which will then grow after a year, when perhaps the economic availability will be greater. If you want this additional service then the duration must be between 36 months and 72 months.

With regard to interest rates, with the Lending Loan there is a Tan between 7.00% and 9.50%, while the Taeg will be between 7.7% and 11.92%. The rates applied will depend on the duration that we will choose at the time of the request and will remain fixed for the entire amortization plan. Also for this funding offer on the Wipy Bank website we are presented with an example of an estimate, useful for analyzing the characteristics of this product. The sum of money requested is 12,000 euros, while the repayment plan is for 5 years. Based on these parameters, the monthly repayment installment is set at just € 118.42 for the first 12 months, while for the following months the installment to be paid will be € 272.99. If you are interested in this type of Wipy Bank loan, simply go to one of the branches to request a quote, or visit the company’s website or contact the operators for further information.



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Loans between Serious and Sure Italian Private Individuals and Without Anticipated Expenses, Here’s How Tue, 12 Feb 2019 15:11:13 +0000

Finance companies and lending institutions grant loans under certain conditions or requirements often not available. To obtain the liquidity you need, you can use private loans, an equally valid alternative that can offer you numerous advantages. In fact, a loan between private individuals does not foresee expenses for the payment of intermediaries and more advantageous rates. To obtain a loan between private individuals it is necessary to know how they work and to deepen all the aspects, including legal ones, in order to obtain them.

Loans between individuals: what are they?


Loans between individuals are alternative products to those granted by banks or finance companies. They can be obtained through a private negotiation, or by accessing an online peer-to-peer platform. In both cases there is no bank intermediation, so the agreement is reached only between you and the private creditor. In the case of private loans you can contact a family member or a friend willing to lend you money. Instead, in the case of peer-to-peer loans you will enter a new reality, called social lending, which allows you to get money without having to resort to traditional systems. Social lending is a reality involving private individuals willing to lend via the web. 

Loans between private peer-to-peer

Loans between private peer-to-peer

In the social lending system operate authorized companies that manage the money through virtual platforms, which you can access to obtain the loan and without any form of banking and financial intermediation. The absence of intermediation assures you lower than average interest rates and in any case fairly facilitated. There are three subjects involved in loans between individuals: the lender of the sum, who requests the sum and reimburses it with the interests and the social lending platform, which allows the meeting between the two parties, as well as the payment and repayment of the amount with interest at a subsidized rate.

Of course, whether you are a lender or an applicant, you will need to subscribe to the platform that will also assign you a level of confidence (rating). The higher your reliability, the lower the percentage of interest that will be applied to your loan. The rating is assigned on the basis of the data provided by the risk centers. The legal requirements are streamlined, as the platform will take care of crediting the loan and the individual repayment installments to the lender.

Loans through family or friends

By contacting a relative or friend who is willing to lend you money, you can agree on lower and lower rates of interest. To be in good standing with the Inland Revenue, you will have to use payment systems that allow tracking, ie check or bank transfer. When the sum of the loan is high, in addition to signing a written agreement, it is also important to go to a professional (lawyer or notary) to assist with the drafting of the agreement and specify the reason for payment and the repayment terms. The private writing, for legal purposes, must have a certain date and must also be recorded, indicate all the details of the parties, the timing of the financing and of course the signatures of the lender and the applicant.

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