Non-repayable loans to open a pension for animals

The non-repayable loan

The non-repayable loan

Non-repayable financing, to open a pension for animals is a big advantage to be able to connect passion and profession. Of course for those who start from nothing is not at all easy, but neither is it impossible. Let’s see together what is the bureaucratic process to follow in order to obtain a non-repayable loan.

First of all, you need to contact your own region directly or the Chamber of Commerce to get precise information on the current calls. Point out that the offices are present in all the provinces of Italy.

The next step to obtain the approval of the non-repayable loan is to request the Business plan, ie a project executed by a professional, with all the economic / financial information on the activity to be started specified. At this point the project must be inserted in the appropriate form and sent by registered letter with return receipt to the supplying institution.

To be able to have this type of financing, and consequently its business started, all that remains is to subscribe to the Register of Companies of the Chamber of Commerce in your municipality and request the opening of a VAT. In addition to this, a request for registration must be sent to the revenue agencies, INAIL, INPS, the Ministry of Labor Health and Social Policies.

It is important to remember that contracts, such as leases, that certify that the new company has a building in which they can carry out their activities, must be registered before showing the application to receive a non-repayable loan.

This type of funding is offered primarily to female entrepreneurs, young people, the unemployed, etc. It is also worth remembering that those who benefit from a loan can in any case obtain other financial benefits, such as interest-rate incentives or low-interest Bill Sikes.