Payday Loans Western Europe Brokers

Prida Cash Lender is an agent regularly registered with the Italian Exchange Office for Agents in Financial Activities and the Register of Credit Brokers, able to provide solutions for loans and personal financing that can meet the needs of each person.

We can see, in fact, three different loan products that are granted, namely Easy Loan, payday loans and Assignment of a fifth of the salary.

The easy loan is designed for all employees


Both in the state/public and private sectors, as well as for pensioners, whose main characteristics are:

  • immediate result after sending the documents
  • maturity up to 48 or 60 months
  • minimum amount: $ 3,000
  • maximum amount: $ 18,000
  • fixed rate for the duration of the loan
  • repayment of installments by bank

The Easy Loan solution can be granted even if you have other loans in progress or if you are reported in the database.

payday loans

payday loans are solutions granted to all those who need them: private-sector workers, civil servants or state employees, pensioners. These are the three characteristics of workers that Prida Cash Lender usually refers to.

Granted to those who are able to demonstrate the ability to constantly repay the amount obtained on loan, these solutions are at a fixed rate, in order to allow the applicant to organize his budget without any particular problems.

The refund of the sum of money can be made through RID.

Employee loans

The solution to the assignment of a fifth of the salary is designed exclusively for employees and retirees. Depending on your “status”, we will talk about the assignment of a fifth of the salary or pension.

The advantage of this financing solution is that the installment can be lower as a monthly amount and that the repayment, which can be up to 120 months, is done directly by withholding from the salary or net pension.

There is, therefore, no need to have any current account available to be able to apply for this loan. Furthermore, even those who are registered in the register of bad payers can ask for them (in this we can rightly speak of loans for bad payers).

Prida Cash Lender loans: job sectors

Good Finance loans: job sectors

Depending on the work you do and the goal you want to achieve with a loan, Prida Cash Lender allows you to apply to all those who work in these sectors:

  • loans to private sector employees (banking, commerce, chemical, metalworking, tertiary and services in general)
  • loans to employees of the state sector (professors and teachers, loans from the armed forces, loans for firefighters, loans from the carabinieri, loans for employees of the State Railways, etc.)
  • loans to public sector employees (municipal employees, hospital workers, general practitioners, Poste Italiane employee loans, etc.)
  • retired loans
  • loans for new hires

A clarification should be made for loans for new hires: they must have been hired in public limited companies, limited liability companies or cooperative companies and may have working seniority of fewer than 15 months.

Prida Cash Lender Loans: Purpose

Good Finance Loans: Purpose

From the point of view of the purpose of the loans, Prida Cash Lender allows you to see five different solutions, as needed.

Travel and vacation loans

Ideal for all those who want to go on vacation or who have to travel for any other reason and, for this reason, are looking for funding to be able to spread the expense over several months. Repayable within a maximum of 60 months by debiting a bank account.

Wedding loans and ceremonies

Whatever ceremony you have to take part in, whether your wedding or that of your children or if you want to have a party for the baptism/communion/confirmation of a son or daughter, the costs to be incurred can be decidedly high. For this reason, Prida Cash Lender has thought of ceremonies and wedding loans, aimed at supporting the cost of this beautiful event.

Loans for cars or motorcycles

Sometimes you may need to change your car, perhaps because it is a bit old. Buying a new car or motorbike could cost several “thousand dollars”, which you might want to divide into convenient installments at a fixed rate and a fixed amount. Prida Cash Lender has thought about this, allowing you to have a finalized loan to be repaid within a maximum of 60 months.

Loans to purchase work equipment and tools

Loans to purchase work equipment and tools

If you are self-employed, you have to bear the cost of the activity you carry out, for example, to buy a given tool or work tool. Whatever the cost, if it is a necessary expense for the activity, it must necessarily be done.

The best solution is to be able to spread the cost in several monthly installments, which Prida Cash Lender payday loans allow you to do. The crediting of the sum can be made either by bank draft or by transfer to your bank account.

Loans for home decor

Furniture loans are the latest purpose proposed by Prida Cash Lender. The goal is clear: to have a sum of money to spend on buying new home furnishings.

Whether the house has just been built or a transfer has just been made, the costs of furnishing the home can be decidedly high and being able to extend them with a financing loan can be a very advantageous solution.